About The Hosts

Greg Barth

Greg Barth is a software consultant and dad to 2 teenage daughters.  He loves using stories to share what he learns through numerous social media platforms.  He is the creator of The Life Of Now podcast, on and off YouTube vlogger, active IG’er and loves to inspire his audience to live life to the fullest.  He uses the motto of “Follow the Fun” to seek adventure and learn the lessons that life puts in front of us.  Also a man of many talents, you might see him in a few commercials as one of his side passion projects is modeling.  You can find him most active on Instagram at @GregBarthFit


Scott Webber

Scott Webber has just left his career of 26 years in sales and marketing in the Power Transition industry, to pursue a life long quest of dreams and passion projects. Scott is a passionate life long learner and creator, wether it be creating in the kitchen, playing music building something with his hands or creating content online its the creative process that drives him. Scott is a husband and dad of 2 boys who are now young men. He is the creator and host of  The Not Bad For Dad Podcast.  Scott’s has a passion for journalism or connecting with people that have a story or message, has now helped inspire this new podcast co hosted with his good friend Greg Barth. As Greg would say, no regrets and to follow the fun.