Kicking off the first episode of The Storyteller’s Podcast with your hosts Scott and Greg.  We are excited to share so many stories and experiences using the audio platform.  In this episode we give an idea on why we started the podcast, what we’ve been up to in the last few years and what to expect going forward.

In this episode

  • Why everyone's story is important
  • (6:45) How Scott and Greg met
  • Using social media for the connections and community
  • The importance of your inner circle
  • (12:44) Greg's Tony Horton story
  • (21:03) Vlogging and taking on new challenges
  • (24:40) Power of networking
  • (28:10) Greg and Scott hanging out in British Columbia in 2017
  • (30:40) Scott's decision to leave his 26 year-old job
  • (35:09) The "perfect" time to start a new adventure
  • (46:50) Using the lessons learned along the way

One of the short interview segments that we filmed when Greg visited in December of 2017.