Making Crazy Cool Things Happen In A Short Amount of Time With Brian Vlasich

Brian Vlasich Gary Vee

Brian Vlasich is a sales and marketing enthusiast who loves to create. He’s a proud dad, husband, and is always realistically optimistic. He uses his time on the road traveling for work to squeeze in some content creation and is a man of a 1,000 ideas. When he’s not working, creating or with his family, you may find him on one of his booster board scooters speeding along the roads in Iowa.

In this episode

  • 6:00 Using Twitter to connect
  • 8:30 Importance of priorities and content creation
  • 10:45 Blend of work and personal projects
  • 14:00 Being in the moment at events
  • 16:00 Brian’s random meeting with David Dobrik @DavidDobrik
  • 19:00 The right way to read and act in a room
  • 23:00 Scott near miss in Ireland
  • 27:30 Failing Forward with daily vlogging
  • 30:00 How Brian's daughters challenged him
  • 40:00 Gary Vee meeting in NYC
  • 46:00 How to use storytelling and video when introverted
  • 49:00 Sharing the story of a small restaurant
  • 54:21 Brians’ best sales advice

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