Thom Singer – Adjusting As A Professional Speaker

Thom Singer is professional speaker who travels often to help companies sharpen their skills mainly around sales and marketing.  He also has a podcast and a is an amateur comedian and loves to try new things in life.

In this episode

  • (6:45) Try new things motto for life
  • (7:25) Saying yes to trying new things
  • (8:10) Thom's amateur stand up comedy challenge
  • (10:45) The "tight ten" for comedy
  • (14:50) Improv skills and handling hecklers
  • (18:35) Importance of having emergency tool belt of speeches
  • (22:22) Open mic night and failing
  • (27:37) How Thom is using his downtime to stay connected
  • (38:07) Importance of signature stories
  • (47:30) Postponements and cancelations with COVID-19
  • (49:40) Saying vs leading by example with parenting
  • (50:10) Unconditional love as a rule

“I want to make my years 50-75 better than my 20’s and 30’s and decided to try new things.” – Thom Singer